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Your app may be live and available on the Apple App Store. It may be unique and might even look great. However, if the app stays invisible in the search results, that’s definitely of no use. In the current scenario, the competition is more impressive than it was before. Although the total number of apps has declined due to new requirements, the quality has drastically increased. 

However, those apps that offer something new or perhaps solve a problem in a clear and meaningful way are on the right track. Still, to build a vital marketing principle, even big brands make errors.

As you stick to the article, here are ten ASO mistakes that most businesses make when trying to reach the ultimate level.

1) Applying Brand Mistake

When not using branded keywords, you may miss out on traffic; branded keywords contain branded names. Non-branded or general keywords are search queries without a company name, i.e., fitness, exercise, watch, sports gear, and more. 

Most big brands have a search drive up to 95% of all their searches. But there’s still 5%, which is made up of generic keywords or competitors based keywords. Also, only using branded keywords may miss out on a lot of traffic.

2) Competition and Demand In The Application Niche

Before developing a new app, it is your responsibility to run keyword research and competitor research. You will understand whether it is worth creating an application or how challenging it would be to promote it. Let’s take an instance; you plan to build a fitness app; however, there are many such apps there. Therefore, you need to find a way to reach the top. 

Digital marketing Columbus Ohio recommends checking the number of competitors, analyzing their apps, and checking the quality of organic traffic.

3) Relying on ASO and Opposing Other Promotion Channels

If you think about user acquisition, in fact, everything happens outside of the store. ASO helps to enhance the app visibility in the Google Play and App Store. However, the position of the app will grow only if it starts receiving installs.

Therefore, here’s why marketing agencies Columbus, Ohio, help attract traffic other than from the App Store and Google Play.

4) Applying the Same Strategy for Both Platform

Some brands work with the App Store and Google Play in the same way. However, you need to know that these stores have a unique set of algorithms. If your marketer fails to take this into account, you might lose download. 

In the App Store, the title and subtitle have the same ranking. However, Google Play requires the keyword phrase to be used in the title, short description, and long description.

5) Change in Metadata

Never depend upon those who don’t understand the significance of metadata. Specialists at digital agency Columbus Ohio suggest changing after running fundamental research. In fact, things may become ineffective if you change the work of the specialists. 

Problems may arise when a team of SEO is assigned to control the app store optimization. 

6) Working Aimlessly

Many businesses today have zero goals when it comes to running applications—our experts at Columbus marketing agency curate a 12-month plan. For example, gaining a million downloads is a good plan but is quite unrealistic. 

If your app fails to have a clear promotion plan for the app, you won’t see significant results. In fact, all your actions will be illogical and irregular. Timely analysis is significant. 

7) Don’t Expect Too Much From ASO

ASO is a long-term activity. You shouldn’t expect instant results. In fact, it can be challenging to predict the number of installs after working on ASO. However, the Columbus marketing agency runs ASO tools that enable competitive analysis. 

One such is the Organic Report tool that will show you the approximate number of installs the competitors get of each keyword. Generally, a new app may require months of testing and indexing. Therefore you may not be able to climb to the top of the app store quickly.

8) Testing Non-Expert To Download Metadata

Never rely on other people to update you. Putting spaces instead of commas between the keywords may have a significant effect on the ASO. Also, it’s best to hire experts. Your developer’s work is to write code, not metadata. At marketing agencies Columbus Ohio, we have professionals who help you grab the right spot. 

Be sure to control the loading of metadata if you plan to reach the ultimate level. Carelessness or ignorance may lose thousands of downloads. 

9) Inserting A Few Keywords

 The description of the app is significant if you want comprehensive downloads. However, make sure you don’t involve marketing texts. In fact, the description plays a key role when positioning the app.

The addition of more keywords gives a chance for the algorithm to index the app. Also, remember to discard useless words like adjectives.

10) Working Poorly On Reviews

Your customer will surely eye on your reviews. Ratings and responses towards it can be a game-changer. In fact, our digital agency Columbus Ohio advises replying to both negative and positive reviews. This will help you build a strong customer baseline.