The Newest Changes and Features of Amazon FBA Fulfillment

Amazon is continually evolving and adapting to meet the demands of both its customers and the sellers who use the platform. With the FBA service, staying current on the most recent updates and additions may help firms satisfy consumer demand and maintain their competitive edge.

One significant change for 2020, for instance, is the addition of comingling of inventories, which is allowed if Amazon barcodes are used. What does mixing mean? It occurs when Amazon, irrespective of the seller, aggregates all units of a single product and ships any one of these to a customer. To learn more about Amazon FBA tools you can visit the below link:

Since products are chosen from any available stock, even stock supplied by someone other than you, it is possible that counterfeits rather than the high-quality unit you placed in Amazon’s warehouses will be dispatched to your buyer. Therefore, if you use this functionality, you should keep an eye on things. There have been some cases when reputable FBA sellers have been barred from selling on Amazon because of bad reviews left by faulty or counterfeit goods.

What is Zonbase?

ZonBase makes advantage of a skilled workforce and artificial intelligence. The software creates a precise database of profitable markets, goods, and pertinent keywords. In addition to managing the processes for listing optimization, keyword research, and product research Amazon sellers can receive mentoring from ZonBase as well. 

Know about JungleScout

Amazon FBA software created for Amazon sellers is called Jungle Scout. It is more widely known as a tool for product research. It does however have several more tools for different usage. Discovering successful AMZ items is made possible through Jungle Scout. You can weigh elements like the amount of reviews and best seller rank using the tool. The appropriate number of expected sales can also be established. There are two versions of Jungle Scout: a web app and a Chrome addon. This website tool locates lucrative markets and items. 

Learn about Helium 10

Another excellent resource for assisting FBA sellers is Helium 10. You may use it to search relevant keywords and spot trends. There are numerous applications for helium 10. There are paid programs that provide you access to more features available. Additionally, the product’s features will assist you decide whether it is worthwhile.

Final thoughts

To help ensure that sellers have a range of products, Amazon has ASIN level quantity limits in place, and the new inventory performance dashboard makes it simple to keep an eye on everything. You may monitor your inventory activity, monitor your IPI score, and even get suggestions and guidance from Amazon themselves on how to use your inventory more effectively.

The FBA program is constantly developing and being updated by Amazon. Fortunately, they have a reasonably effective system in place that alerts vendors to new updates and features as they become available. The main challenge here is remaining current and implementing the appropriate adjustments as they are communicated.