Simple Web Design Improvements For a Faster Sales-Generating Website

Websites are, for most intents and purposes, put up to promote products, services or information to generate income. If visitors are exiting your website after a few seconds of browsing, it most likely means that your website is poorly designed and you are losing potential sales.

You can upgrade the quality of your web design to stop prospective clients from clicking out of your site. Here are some valuable pointers to improve your web site’s design to capture people’s interest and keep them from leaving.

Ensure that your content’s typography is suitably laid out

Make certain that the lines of your text and sentences are spaced out properly. You may want to check if you’re using the right font and font size. Using a 10 pixel size for an Arial font may be alright for you but is it large enough for your visitors to read?

Some of your site’s visitors may not necessarily have 20-20 visual acuity and they definitely won’t want to strain their eyes just to read your tiny text. If this is the case, you can change your text font’s style, size, and spacing to make your website content comfortable to read.

Large graphics eat up a lot of bandwidth

Nothing turns off a visitor more quickly than a website that takes an eternity to load. You may think that large, colorful graphics will impress your customers but they are actually the reason for slow-loading websites. Remember that most visitors don’t have the patience to wait more than 20 seconds for a website to load so they just move on. To load your website in 15 seconds or less, use lighter, smaller graphics to supplement your website’s content.

Provide relevant content for your site’s visitors

It has been proven that content, indeed, is king and it does sell. As such, you should provide relevant and useful content for your visitors and for the search engines as well. Unique content that is regularly updated will attract search engines that will eventually drive traffic, and sales, to your website.

Don’t write monotonous page-long paragraphs but, instead, split up your content by writing short paragraphs to show some white space. This is not a high school composition class and you should write content according to accepted web design standards.

Make your website easy to navigate

An easily-navigable website can quickly take your visitors from one web page of your site to another, and thus expose them more to your product or service. The navigation links, which include text, color and font size, should stand out clearly above the usual content. If your navigational links are too inconspicuous or hard to read, then you can expect people to lose interest and depart from your site.

To make your website more credible, be sure to add “About Us” and “Contact Us” buttons to your navigational links. Visitors are interested to know more about the site’s owner and will feel more secure in case they need more information or require customer support.

Test how your website works

Use a browser to access and navigate your website from a visitor’s point of view to see how it stands up on the Web. Does it load fast enough? Do the layout and design capture your attention? Do the links take you to the right page with the right information? Is the content fresh, relevant and easy to understand? Are the sentences properly spaced and free from typographical errors? Are the graphics attractive and pertinent to the content?

If you have answered yes to all the above questions, then congratulate yourself for using a great web design that provided a professional touch to your online business.

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