10 Best iPhone and Android Apps to Learn Dance (2020) | Beebom

Everything you have dreamed your studio can be falls into place with cloud-based dance apps. There are numerous dance studios and schools across the globe that have been taking full advantage of such software solutions with some of the best game-changing features that are always being improved. The following are some of the key features that make such software solutions stand out:

Organize Everything

Cloud-based class management of such software solutions delivers a level of speed and reliability that surpasses the expectations of clients. You get the flexibility to effortlessly check overdue accounts, track class enrollment, explore financial reports, review student skills, manage staff, collect payments, and select the best classes to offer and more. You will have more time to share your skills with dancers.

  • Executive Dashboard– To help you easily run and manage reports
  • Financial Management – To help you impeccably deal with QuickBooks, fees, and a lot more
  • Family Data – To help you gather and review the entire family information

Save Time

You can work confidently with a software solution that has been built exclusively to help manage dance studios. A reliable and secure software solution automates time-consuming tasks, giving you more freedom to focus on teaching and living your best life. By helping you spend less time on tedious yet essential business duties, you have more time to engage with your students, loved ones and your dreams. A promising dance studio management software solution helps you gives the best tools.

  • Skills Tracking-To help you easily keep an eye on the skills of the dancers through online portal
  • Streamline Payroll – To help make processing more automated with time clock
  • Point-of-Sale – To help increase the efficiency of your front desk

Improve Profit & Revenue

Success is no accident! When you crush your goals, we do, as well! You are making a difference by bringing dance to your community. And we would like to help you make your dream even more profitable making it simpler to enroll students, collect tuition and fees, reduce costs and grow your dance studio. Dipme is committed to spending time each day on new ways that our software solution can be better at making you happier and your business more prosperous.

  • Online Registration – To help parents enroll their kids online from any device
  • Convenient Payment – To help customers use a credit card to pay online
  • Email Statements – To help charge all your families quickly

Rich feature and robust functionality empower you to communicate and connect with parents, dancers and tutors – anytime, from any device. Email templates make it effortless to communicate about open houses, closures, birthdays and events. Turn to the staff portal to post news and reminders. Fast means that no task – or customer – ever waits on the software for what they need.

Dipme is amongst the most promising software solutions that are sure to help you get the most out of your online dance classes. Join today and feel the difference!