Four Ways to Protect Your Mac

Mac is said to be an elegant and intelligent computer today. Physically, designs were created to support a continuous innovation of high technological device. It has a recyclable glass and aluminum which advocates the nature conservation. Internally, it has a high performance and powerful system, most advanced intel processor at the speed that will let you do everything faster as you expected.

It is designed to give the full content of a computer you need. Have the camera and four way video chats called ichat software right on your hand. One computer that compiles useful gadgets for a complete creation. Now, are you ready to have your mac?Having your mac also needs protection.Let me help you in protecting your mac.
Four ways to make your mac protected

1. System Software Upgrades

Always check for updates by going to System Preferences Application then software update and click Check Now. This should be done regularly for the best safety of your mac.

2. Anti-Virus Software

Mac has a UNIX foundation for virus protection but you still need a back up protection for unwanted trojan, malwares, spywares and other viruses. To make sure your mac is totally protected at all times.

3.Turn Firewall On

It will protect your mac from outsiders,f ile sharing and from unauthrozed enter of third parties on the internet.. To do this, go to System Preferences and click Sharing.
Click Firewall then start.

4.Password your mac

When logging in to your mac, you have the only right to access on all files and documents unless you allow permissions .The password will give you this protection.

* Right from your apple menu, select System Preferences then Security.

* You need to check the box indicating Disable automatic log in.

* Going back to System Preferences menu select Accounts then Log in Options. Make sure automatically log in checkbox is unchecked

* Under Display Log in Windows

select either List of Users or Name and Password

* List of Users will show list of users when starting your mac. Choose your username then enter password to log in. Name and Password option adds more protection.Y ou need to enter your name and password every time you log in. It will restrict unauthorized users to log in to your mac.The next time you log in, your name and password are required to access the computer.

Viruses will harm your computer,slows down your navigation and the worst destroy your system. Mac has a built in anti virus but as a user,the best protection comes up with proper shield.

More about mac protection and troubleshooting guide can be found at

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