Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings?

The online market is ever-developing and companies are keen to look at their websites on the pinnacle of Google seek web page. Modern global is all approximately search engine optimization and if an internet site doesn’t rank on the primary web page of Google, it’s far predicted to now no longer get observed at all. 

As they say “ The best place to hide your web page or website is the 2nd page of Google”. 

Websites that are clean and quick are much more likely to seize higher Google seek ratings and that is most effective and viable whilst an internet site is hosted on a pinnacle-notch web website hosting server. It is not unusual to place a query about whether or not an internet host impacts search engine optimization of an internet site and the solution is a massive YES! 

Here are a few mild on how a terrible net host impacts an internet site’s search engine optimization and why it’s far essential to select a dependable shared hosting for your internet site. 

1. Server Downtime 

This is essentially the primary take look at an internet host. If your internet site suffers from net server downtime frequently, it’s far the primary signal of a non-dependable web host. 

Downtime now no longer most effective impacts an internet site’s average overall performance however it additionally brings down its SERP and search engine optimization. Let’s test it realistically. 

An internet site is down and now no longer displaying up at the seek engine. The seek engine receives a question of the relatable content material of that internet site, what takes place then? The seek engine won’t locate that internet site and the glitch will degrade the internet site’s search engine optimization. Moreover, it additionally will increase the soaring charge of that internet site to immediately affect an internet site’s authority. 

Therefore, to keep away from downtime and to get 99.9% uptime on your internet site, you must blindly choose the nice-to-be-had net host on your internet site. 

2. Page Load Time 

The second thing to check for an internet host is the burden time of an internet site. If an internet site is sluggish and takes plenty of time to load, it’s far without a doubt counted as an absence on the net host’s end. 

It is a universally acclaimed reality that if an internet site takes greater than seconds to load, traffic is much more likely to replace the subsequent viable option. Hence internet site’s web page load time is a completely touchy thing for its reputation. 

Moreover, an internet site with excessive load time gets an excessive soar charge that impacts immediately its seek engine ratings. The stoop in an internet site’s search engine optimization effects in the lesser conversion charge. 

The right web host decreases an internet site’s load time via way of means of the use of trendy caching technology that affects an excessive quantity of traffic. Remember, the reduced load time method has greater page views.? 

3. Data center location?? 

Another factor that can affect website speed is the data center where website files are physically stored. Some web hosts offer multiple data centers to choose from. Given this option, it will choose the data center location that is closest to the physical location of the host.? 

Having data centers away from employees can negatively impact productivity. However, you can solve this problem using a CDN. 


Here is hoping that you have understood whether shared hosting has an effect on SEO. In case you have any doubts or queries, please share the same in the comments section below.