Best time to send an email myth or reality

The main fundamental behind email marketing is that you need to send the email to the right person at the right time. Some of the great myths related to the strategy of the email marketing is that there are low conversion rates during the weekdays and more conversion rates during the weekends. This phenomenon totally depends on the industry and the audience at which you are targeting on.

When we talk about industry specific we have Information Technology Industry, Education Industry, Medical Industry, Banking Industry, Real Estate Industry and many others. Before implementing our email marketing campaigns we need to first analyse the work timings and work days of the people working in these industries. 

Some of the common myths related to the strategies involved in email marketing are as follows:

1 Some say that the start of the week days that is Mondays and Tuesdays are better for sending emails: One of the most common myths that need to be busted is that you need to send emails to the customers during the early week days to get the maximum conversion rates. Before moulding this myth into a reality you must need to study about the work schedule of the people working in these industries.

Before believing this myth as a reality you must understand people don’t liked to be spammed. During the beginning of the weekdays itself people would be getting more engaged towards their work schedule so the chances of clicking various email ids are really very low.

2 Some say that mornings are the best time to send emails: Many experts in the email marketing industry say that mornings are the best time to send emails, but why evenings and afternoons can’t?

Again, I’m repeating here that before making any myth into a reality you need to do the proper analysis and validation of behind the scenes. Most of the working class people are very busy during their weekdays because of their hectic work schedule. While some have night shifts because of these you can’t perfectly predict about the consumer behaviour without any proper market research.

3 More follow-up mails to the customer: The other most important myth or mistake is the more and improper follow-ups on particular customer. If you are shooting more mails to one single customer the customer soon may get irritated and may unsubscribe you from the mailing list. This is also spamming.

This is one among the most irrelevant or an improper way of convincing a customer to buy your product.

4 Don’t sending emails to the inactive users: If you really have a very good number of subscriber base and if most of them really don’t respond to your emails at once. Then you usually consider them as inactive users.

One of the most important things that you may need to keep in mind is that in the field of sales and marketing nothing is predictable. The more you try to convince a customer to buy a product the more the customer wants to run away from you. This is why because “People don’t like to be sold”.

Therefore don’t have a mindset that your inactive users can’t be your customers. Always try your best to educate your customers in the every possible manner. Therefore keeping this in mind one needs to plan their email marketing campaigns.

5 Don’t sending mails on weekends:  Most of the marketing fortune tellers say that sending mails to customers on weekends can be really disturbing. As a result of which they don’t send email marketing campaigns and follow-ups to the fellow users in the weekends.

For the working class people, weekends are the most important time to spend time with their family and during this period whenever they are free, they mostly spend their spare time by checking mails. So here the chance of conversion is very high.

6 Sending mails at the noon hours:  Many marketers believe that sending mails at the noon hours increases the conversion rates.  

This is totally a myth in the field of email marketing. Apart from the regular lunch hours, people usually scroll down their emails before going for sleep. So if you want to improve your conversion rates, you can market out your campaigns at these intervals.

Thus, we can say that before jumping into a conclusion just research more about the market and the consumer behaviour. On the basis of these one can easily differentiate between a myth and a reality. Email Marketing can be the most efficient tool if used properly and efficiently. Also don’t forget about the tools used for email marketing.

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