AI Improves Attention Flow


Currently, attention has become the new gold. Brands are in a constant competition for our attention. A big portion of our time we spend online, where we are bombarded with insane amount of information and advertisements. It’s hard not to become overwhelmed in this world of consumerism. We had to become good at quickly evaluating which information is important and we did. Especially on the internet.

Good marketing specialists know that they have just more seconds to turn a potential customer into a lead. People are not going to spend a lot of time examining your advertisement or landing page, either it clicks or not. First impression plays a huge role in the success of your business, so do not leave that to a chance. Here’s how technology can come in handy.


First impression plays a huge role as it could lead to a conversion.

Eye-tracking in Web Design

Eye-tracking technology can be used to optimize your website conversions. By tracking eye movements, technology will recognize which content is most intriguing for the users. It will reveal whether people pay most attention where you want them to, which elements are distracting or not visible enough, and where sales are lost. This information is invaluable if you want to succeed in the current market.

How does it work? An eye tracker, such as webcam or goggles, measures movement of an eye. Collected data is analyzed and presented as a heatmap, highlighting which elements of your design attract most attention. Having in mind that browsing time rarely exceeds a few seconds, this information is very valuable when you try to understand your audience.

You wouldn’t want to spend much time on your website design just to discover it does not generate desired conversion rate. By employing this technology you can make changes based on reliable data rather than intuition and guarantee your business future success.

By now you may think that you definitely need to carry out this eye-tracking study, but there is a catch. Eye-tracking studies take time and are quite expensive. If you want to draw conclusions from heatmaps, you would need to include at least 39 participants in a study. One individual test may last from 20 minutes to an hour. Time quickly adds up when you include preparation and analysis of the results. The average eye tracker price is around $17,500 and it may vary between several thousand dollars and $50 000. Of course you can hire a company to carry out this research for you but it may cost you several hundred dollars a month. Luckily technological innovations allow us to acquire the same insights about users attention flow much cheaper and faster than conducting or buying an actual eye-tracking study.


Technological innovations replace real eye-tracking study

AI-driven Automatization of Eye-tracking

In this task of understanding how internet users are interacting with your website, Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be an answer. AI-based technologies already have become prevalent in various services we use on a daily basis. For example, Netflix’s highly predictive algorithm which is used to provide movie recommendations or Facebook and its image-tagging feature. As these algorithms become better every year, AI becomes an irreplaceable tool in business.

How can AI help you to understand your customer’s attention? Main feature of AI is that it can mimic human intelligence and constantly improve itself by learning from data. Given enough data produced by eye movement studies, AI can spot patterns in users attention flow. These patterns are analyzed by this technology and used to predict which specific areas of your website attract most interest. This is how AI enables us to get these insights about your design in a matter of seconds. 


AI generated attention heatmap

AI Solution for Designers and Marketers

Imagine getting information about users attention flow on your design while you are still in the designing process. Too good to be true? Now it is possible with our amazing one of a kind Adobe XD plugin. You are just one download away from merging our heatmaps with your designs without ever leaving design software. It will save time and help you to improve UX and increase impact of your designs, creating better customer journey and more conversions. 


AI generated heatmap in the Adobe XD interface