7 Plugins and Extensions That Can Boost Email Productivity

7 Gmail Extensions to Boost your Productivity | by GetApproval | Medium

The email remains an integral part of any marketing business due to its effective means of communication from one end to another. However, it has become more complicated than ever. Series of social media alerts, posts from several blogs and news outlets, and spam messages can make life difficult for you. And now trying to sort out genuine messages which you need, would be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Thus, if you want to smoothen things out, in other words, make peace with your inbox, then you need to think about plugins and extensions. Amon-Avis provides you with reviews about such software and customer feedback.

Email software programs like Mailbird ensures to provide optimum services which make handling your email an easy task. In this article, we are going to look at this software that professionals should consider making use of.

  1. Streak

Dealing with CRM can be a tough and largely untidy task. Among extensions that can make CRM matters run smoothly, Chrome’s Streak is a credible software. It turns your Gmail into a lively CRM network. Everything is well-organized, including your inbox which assumes a new outlook. Some of its features include sharing emails, contacts, and files. It also has a flexible structure that fits your needs.

  1. Key Rocket

Key Rocket is a Gmail plugin that helps users know the short tricks which can be done using the keyboard on Gmail.

This is essential because it saves you time. It works by using pop-ups to signal you how a particular operation can be done more easily. In the long run, you’d learn how to use these shortcuts, thus, improving speed and effectiveness when using your email.



  1. Boomerang

Boomerang helps you to schedule emails from your account for sending at a later date and time. This is useful, especially if one wants to keep a hold on when you receive and send emails. This extension also informs you when a particular message hasn’t been replied to. This works like a clock alarm or reminder. It aids your memory, given that you’ve got a lot on your plate.

  1. Active Inbox

This plugin helps to organize your messages by arranging them into functional tasks. With such kind of organization, you’re sure to get things done much quicker.

  1. FullContact

FullContact is one of the best Gmail plugins around. It is an easy way to learn about your Gmail contacts without having to leave your inbox by making full use of its features.

  1. Newton

Formerly known as CloudMagic, Newton was one of the first apps on Chrome OS. The card is a feature of Newton that makes it easier for users to complete their workflow without leaving their email. It has been praised for its consistent emailing experience on desktops and its distraction-free design.

  1. Bananatag

Although email tracking hasn’t been without issues, Bananatag is one good plugin that offers tracking and analytics for individuals. It saves time with a smooth workflow for internal communications. This helps to build effective employee emails and perfectly timed messages through Slack and MS Teams.

The email has evolved over the years. Several innovations have come to stay as matters of marketing continue to grow sophisticated. Our means of communication have followed in the same vein, leading to the need for us to look for ways to make work easier. Email plugins and extensions lay abound and it’s vital that chose those that best compliment our work.


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